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Public Service Announcement

March 11, 2009 For immediate release

March Break programming: Motion Commotion

March 14 to 22, 2009

Join the Canada Science and Technology Museum in a moving experience. Discover the forces that set the world around you in motion. Participate in hands-on activities which explore the science of how things move, have fun with pulleys and gears, and experiment with gyroscopes.


  • Space Moves: Explore the nature of motion in space. Launch rockets, experiment with freefall and find out why satellites stay in orbit.
  • Gear Up: Build simple machines using gears, pulleys and wheels and test them out.
  • Dynamotion: Get energized as you make objects float and magnets levitate.
  • Big Motion, Little Effort: Lift, catapult and pull heavy objects without even breaking a sweat. You’ll be amazed at how little effort a lot of fun can be.
  • In Search of Motion: Be on the lookout for the answers to the motion scavenger hunt as you make your way through the Museum.
  • Make a Spinning Top: Make your own spinning top that you can take home.

Media Contact: Kelly Ray
613 949-5732