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News Release

October 14, 2010 For immediate release

New exhibition opens at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Echoes in the Ice: History, Mystery, and Frozen Corpses

Echoes in the Ice examines Arctic exploration past and present, profiles the explorers involved in the search for the Northwest Passage, and decodes the mysteries of the lost Franklin Expedition of 1845, when an entire crew vanished in the Arctic during an ill-fated attempt to discover the Passage.

"The explorers who sought the Northwest Passage were different from ordinary people, and certainly different from people today,” said artist Rik van Glintenkamp, whose works are featured in the exhibition. “The explorers were driven by a thirst for knowledge as well as adventure. Their ability to endure unimaginable hardship led to great discoveries and in some cases, tragic endings. The stories of these explorers help define the history of the Arctic."

These stories are told using images, audio-visual presentations, and artifacts. With the mandate to observe everything from “flea to whale,” the Franklin Expedition relied on the scientific and technological instruments of the day during their search for the Passage. Instruments and objects dating from the same period as the Franklin Expedition are on display, including navigation tools, and a brass-bound mahogany case containing a set of surgical instruments used for post-mortem dissections.

“An exhibition like Echoes in the Ice promotes the rich connections between science, technology, and culture,” said Denise Amyot, President and CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation. “We encourage all Canadians to engage with their scientific and technological past, present and future.”

The Museum will screen the National Film Board of Canada documentary, Passage, on Saturday, October 16 and Sunday, October 17 at 1 p.m. Filmmaker John Walker brings to life the incredible story of John Rae who, in 1854, uncovered the fate of Franklin and his crew. Passage is a story of extraordinary sacrifice, stunning distortions of truth, and single-minded obsession.

Echoes in the Ice: History, Mystery and Frozen Corpses is produced by Gone West Productions Ltd., in partnership with the Canada Science and Technology Museum, with the generous support of Parks Canada, and contributions from Natural Resources Canada.

The opening of the exhibition also marks the start of National Science and Technology Week – a celebration of the significance of Canada’s achievements in science and technology, the importance of science and technology in today’s world, and this nation’s ongoing role as a world leader in innovation.

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Kelly Ray
Canada Science and Technology Museum