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Café Scientifique

Are designer babies the way to a healthier future?

April 28, 2009 at 6:00 p.m.
Fox and Feather Pub
283 Elgin Street
Ottawa, Ontario

Café Scientifique is a forum where, for the price of a coffee or a glass of wine, adults can get together and talk about recent -- and sometimes controversial --developments in science and technology. The Canada Science and Technology Museum and its partner the Canadian Museum of Nature serve as moderators to the discussion between invited experts and the general public. Lively discussions guaranteed!

Future parents can now chose the sex of their offspring, and even screen embryos for some genetic diseases. Because of rapid advances in our knowledge of the human genome and in our ability to modify it, humans might be able to “cure” genetic diseases in embryos in the near future. But health might not be the only issue at play: this technology might also enable parents to choose desirable physical, intellectual and behavioural characteristics that they wish to see in their children. Should parents be submitted to the “reproductive roulette” and risk their child to be sick? Or should they have a say, even on their offspring’s physical appearance?